1st International Balkan Congress on Neurology and Neuroscience


1st October 2021

8:00    Registration Opens

09:00  Welcome

09:15 10:00  Keynote Lecture /Chair: Nilda Turgut

                         Deciphering the hidden progression-related pathology in MS / Nikolaos Grigoriadis


10:00 – 11:15   Session 1: Multiple Sclerosis Treatment  / Chairs: Cavit Boz, Dafin Mureşanu

Oral immunomodulating therapies in multiple sclerosis / Osman Sinanovic

B-Cell-Depleting Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis / Hüsnü Efendi

New treatment options in multiple sclerosis / Vanja Basic Kes  


11:15 11:30   Coffee Break

11:30 12:20 Session 2: Noncoding RNAs in multiple sclerosis / Chairs: Erdem Tüzün, Jera Kruja

                        Autophagy and mitochondrial homeostasis in neurodegenration and ageing / Nectarious Tavernarakis

                         miRNAs, LncRNAs, CircRNAs in MS / Bahadır Batar


12:20 13:30    Lunch and Poster Presentation / Bengü Altunan

13:30 14:45   Session 3: Immunology and Treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases / Charis: Feray Karaali Savrun, Mariya Dimitrova

                          Myastenia Gravis / Serpil Demirci

                          Immun myopathies / Piraye Oflazer

                          Immun polyneuropathies / Yeşim Parman


14:45 15:25  Special Session 1 / Cavit Boz

                         mRNA vaccine study in experimental MS model / Mustafa Diken


15:25 15:40 Coffee Break

15:40  16:40  Special Session 2 / Chair: Ayşe Altıntaş

Clinical and paraclinical features of optic neuritis in NMOSD and MOGAD / Paul Friedeman 



16:40 - 17:20 Satellite Symposium SANOVEL: Real World Evidence of Fingolimod in Real Life / Chair: Murat Terzi

                         Fingolimod Real World Experience with World Data/ Belgin Koçer

                         Fingolimond Real World Experience with Turkish Data/ Nilüfer Kale İçen


17:20 - 17:35 Coffee Break 


17:35 - 19:00 Meet to Expert / Wharever you want to ask about multiple sclerosis / Aksel Siva, Nikolaos Grigoriadis




1st International Balkan Congress on Neurology and Neuroscience


2nd October 2021


07:3 08:30  Oral Presentations Session Salon A / Chairs: Esra Gürsoy, Mustafa Çam

               S01 -  Incidence of antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) in patients with Neuro-Behcet / Ervin Rapushi
               S02 -  Clinical Relevance of Anti-nuclear Antibody in People with Multiple Sclerosis/ Bengü Altunan                        

               S03 -  Evaluatıon Of Caregiver Burden İn Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease / Filiz Dilek

               S04 -  Artificial Intelligence Based Gait Analysis in Multiple Sclerosis Patients / Sema Gül Türk


                         Oral Presentations Session Salon C / Chairs: Filiz Koç, Tufan Hiçdönmez 

                S05 -  Research Trends on Autoimmune Inflammatory Miyopathies in the Last Half Century: A Bibliometric Study / Şehnaz Başaran
               S06 -  The History of Neuroimmunology: A Journey on Events / Lütfiye Sena Bilgiç
               S07 -  Evaluation of the Incidence of Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases: A Single Center Pilot Study / Emel Ersöz        

               S08 -  The Relatıonshıp Of Myalgia And Fibrinogen Albumin Ratio In Covıd-19 Patients / Elif Sarıca Darol


08:40 09:30 Session 4: Risk management of multiple sclerois treatment / Chairs: Taşkın Duman, Osman Sinanovic

Risk management of multiple sclerois treatment / Infections / Gülnur Uzuner

Risk management of multiple sclerois treatment / Maligencies and other long therm safety / Aylin Akçalı  


09:30 10:20 Session 5: Epidemyology of neuroimmunology / Charis: Aylin Akçalı, Ufuk Aluçlu

                       Epidemyology of multiple sclerois / Jera Kruga

                         Epidemyology of myasthenia gravis / Aslı Aksoy Gündoğdu


10:20 10:35  Coffee Break


10:35  11:50 Session 6: Special Clinical Presentations of Myasthenia Gravis /Chairs: Filiz Koç, Mariya Dimitrova

                      Early onset myasthenia gravis / Leyla Baysal

                      Ocular myasthenia gravis / Emel Oğuz Akarsu

                      Myasthenia gravis in seniors / Semiha Kurt   


11:15 - 12:20 Using medicine with care (Akılcı İlaç Kullanımı) /Hakan Ekmekçi


12:20 13:30   Lunch and Poster Session Presentation /Chair: Çiğdem Deniz


13:30 14:45 Session 7: Combination of surgery and immunotherapy in neurological sciences /Chairs: Tufan Hiçdönmez, Severin Chavdarov

                      Brain tumors and immunology / İvam Mindov

                      Imunotherapies of brain tumors / Bozhidar Petrov

                      Advances in brain tumor surgery / Tamer Tunçkale

14:45 - 15:25 Satellite Symposium  ERKİM: Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of CIDP / Chair: Özden Şener

                      Overcoming challenges related to the diagnosis of CIDP / Esra Gürsoy

                      Management of treatment challenges in CIDP / Kayhan Uluç

15:25  15:40    Coffee Break

15:40  16:30   Session 8: Neuroradiology with case presentations / Chairs: Rana Karabudak

                      Case presentation and discussion / Ebru Eda Gebeşoğlu

16:30  17:20   Session 9: Neuro-Behçets Disease-Clinical Feature, Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis and treatment / Chairs: Aysun Ünal    

                      Clinical Feature, Diagnosis / Murat Kürtüncü

                      Differential Diagnosis and treatment / Uğur Uygunoğlu

17:20 - 18:00 Special Session 3 / Chair: Nilda Turgut 

                       Making sense of chronic autoimmune neuropathies: From humans to mice / Betty Soliven

18:00  19:30  Oral Presentations Session Salon A /Chairs: Aysun Ünal, Hülya Özkan

             S09 -  Markers Of Neurodegeneration In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: The Relationship Between Oligoclonal Bands And Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness / Zahide Mail Gürkan

             S10 -  Evaluation Of Vitamin-D Levels In Patients With Chronıc Urticaria In Remission And Signs Of Active Disease / Birol Kaldan
             S11 -  Serum Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein Correlates with Physical and Cognitive Function in Multiple Sclerosis / Furkan Bilek

             S12  -  Surgical Management Of Giant Meningiomas / Tamer Tunçkale

                         Oral Presentations Session Salon C / Chairs: Babürhan Güldiken, Selma Aksoy

               S13 -  Fibrinogen Albumin Ratio: is a new diagnostic tool for epilepsy ? / Saadet Sayan
               S14 -  Possible Genetic Causes of Neurodegenerative Dementias in Turkish Population / Ebru Erzurumluoğlu Gökalp 

               S15 -  Relationship Between Serum AChR Levels and the Course and Severity of the Disease in Patients with Myasthenia Gravis / Özge Gözütok

1st International Balkan Congress on Neurology and Neuroscience



3rd October 2021


07:30 08:50   Oral Presentations Sessions Salon A / Chairs: Yusuf Tamam, Özgül Ocak


                S16 -  The Switch From First-Line To Second-Line Treatment In Multiple Sclerosis: A Single-Center Experience / Abdullah Uyar

                S17 -  Clinical usefulness of measuring simple hematological parameters in patients with multiple sclerosis / İbrahim Korucu
                S18 - The Relationship Between The Lymphocyte/Neutrophil, Platelet/Lymphocyte Ratios And Average Thrombocyte Volume And The Minimental Test In Alzheimer Patients / Filiz Demirdöğen

                S19 -  Evaluation Of Neurological Side Effects Of Brentuximab Vedotin (Anti-Cd30) Treatment / Mustafa Oran

                          Oral Presentations Sessions Salon C / Chairs: Nurten Uzun Adatepe, Hakan Ekmekçi

               S20 -  Standardization of pattern visual evoked potentials; single center experience / Esen Çiçekli
                S21 -  Clinical Outcome of Ocular Myasthenia Gravis / Baturhan Yalçın
                S22 -  Our Clinical Experience İn Patients With Myasthenia Gravis / Çiğdem Deniz

                S23 -  Our 3-Year Experience in Chronic Subdural Hematoma / Bilgehan Potoğlu


09:00 – 10.15 Session 10 NMOSD: New targets and new mechanisms / Chairs: Ceyla İrkeç, Ömer Faruk Turan

                       Differentational diagnosis of isolated spinal cord demyelinating lesion / Dilek İnce Günal

                       Differentational diagnosis of isolated optic neuropathy / Canan Yücesan

                       NMO from pathogenesin to treatment in modern era / Ayşe Altıntaş

 10:15 - 10:55 Satellite Symposium DEM: Intravenous immunoglobulin as treatment for myasthenia gravis: current evidence and outcomes / Chair: Necdet Karlı

                        Intravenous immunoglubulin for prophylaxis of acute exacerbation in Myasthenia Gravis / Melih Tütüncü

                        Chronic immunoglobulin maintenance therapy in myasthenia gravis / Hacer Durmuş

10:55 - 11:10 Coffee break


11:10 12:00 Session 11: Lifestyle and Environmental Factors in Multiple Sclerosis / Chairs: Recai Türkoğlu, Vanja Basic Kes


Envorimental factors and MS (Lifestyle, obesity, salt, smoking) / Kasım Kılıç

Vitamin D/ sun exposure and multiple sclerosis / Caner Feyzi Demir



12:00 12:50 Session 12: New targets and therapeutics for neuroprotection, remyelination and                         

                       repair in multiple sclerosis / Chairs: Aslı Tuncer, Nectarius Tavernarakis

                       Neuroprotective treatments in multiple sclerosis  / Sıla Usar İncirli

                       Monomodal versus multimodal drugs in brain recovery / Dafin Mureşanu


13:00   Closing the programme