1st International Balkan Congress on Neurology and Neuroscience






Day 1


8:00     Registration Opens


09:00   Welcome


10:30-11:30  Chairman: Fatma ETİ ASLAN, Ümmü YILDIZ FINDIK

Conference:  Neuroimmunological effects of chemical agents

                      Ayşe Handan DÖKMECİ


12:00                          Lunch and Poster Session A

Therapeutic plasma exchange in neurological diseases and the role of the nursing / Dilek URTEKİN

Precautions taken against falling for the patients treated in neurology and neurosurgery clinics / Gülbahar GÜLCİVAN






14:00-16.00    Urodynamics in MS patients

                        Arzu MALAK


14:00-16:00    Patient Safety and Covid-19

                       Tülin YILDIZ

                       Ebru ÖNLER


17:00-18:00      Oral Presentations Session  A

                       Ebru ÖNLER

                       Sacide YILDIZELİ TOPÇU

S24 - The Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapy Methods in Stroke Patients / Melek YALÇIN ARSLAN

S25 - Nursing Care Of A Patient Diagnosed With Brain Tumor According To The Watson Human Caring Model: A Case Report / Çağla SABIRLI
S26 - A Case Report: Neuromyelitis Optica / Eylül Tülay AYKUL




Day 2


08:30-10:00   Oral Presentations Session B

   Seher ÜNVER

   Dimitritos THEOFANIDIS

S27 - Traumatic brain injury and spiritual nursing care / Çağla SABIRLI

S28 - Nursing care in a stroke patient: A case study / Derya GİRGİN

S29 - Reflections of Augmented Reality on Neurosurgery Nursing / Sena Melike TAŞÇI

S30 - Intensive Care Nurses’ Physical Restraint Assessment of Patients and Their Knowledge Level / Zehra KABAKOĞLU AY

S31 - COVID-19, Patıent safety and burnout / Neşe KIRÇİÇEK KOCAMAN

S32 - New Findings in Breast Cancer Risk Research: Bioritm and The Effect of Light / Sena Melike TAŞÇI

10:00   Coffee Break


10:30    Session 1 : Perioperative care management in MS patients

   Chairman: Ümmü YILDIZ FINDIK, Aysel GÜRKAN

10:30   Multiple sclerosis and anesthesia

             Ayhan ŞAHİN

11:00   Psychological comorbidities in MS patients

            Dimitrios THEOFANDİS

11:30   Pre-operative, during and post-operative care management

            Seher ÜNVER


12:00   Lunch and Poster Session B



13:30    Session 2 : Immunological response in pregnancy

             Chairman: Mehmet Baki ŞENTÜRK, Ildikó RÁKÓCZİ


13:30    Fetus and mother's immune system

             Melahat AKGÜN KOSTAK

14:00   Nursing care in MS and pregnancy

             Ildikó RÁKÓCZİ

14:30   Systemic lupus erythematosus and risks in pregnancy

             İlke ÖZER ASLAN


15:00    Coffee Break



15:30    Session 3: Gut microbiata in MS: Current approaches

            Chairman: Serap ÜNSAR, Aysel GÜRKAN

15:30   Gut microbiota: what is it and why is it important?

            Katalin PAPP

16:00   MS pathogenesis and gut-brain relationship

            Mustafa ÇAM

16:30  Gut microbiota and diet therapy in ms

            Fatma Esra GÜNEŞ


17:00    Coffee Break


17:30    Oral Presentations Session C

             Chairman: Katalin PAPP, Aylin AYDIN SAYILAN

S33 - Evaluation of Operation Room Cleaning and Disinfection Method Knowledge of Operation Room Staff / Neşe ALTINÇEKİÇ

S34 - Nursing care using the watson human care model to the patient with colon cancer who was applied hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy: Case report / Merve VATAN

S35 - Horizontal violence: how is the situation in the nursing profession? / Büşra ÇINAR

S36 - Comparison Of A Transparent Cover And Elastic Fixing Band Used In Patients With Peripheral Catheters In Terms Of Infection / Büşra Nur Orhan

S37 - Patient Education in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) / Sena Melike TAŞÇI


Day 3


08:00   Oral Presentations Session D

            Özgül EROL, Arzu MALAK

S38 - Evaluation of the effects of mastectomy on self-esteem and sexual life quality / Esra AYGÜN TOPUZ

S39 - Maternity care after a rare neurological complication at postpartum period, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) / Nebibe CAN 


09:00    Session 4 : Immuno-oncological treatments: Oncology Nursing Care

            Chairman: Ildikó RÁKÓCZİ, Özgül EROL 

09:00   Emerging Models of Interprofessional Collaboration in Cancer Care

            Zlatinka LECHEVA    

09:30   Neuropalliative care in oncology nursing

            Seda KURT

10.00   Coffee Break



10:30    Session 5  : Traumatic brain injury and immune response

             Chairman: Sonay GÖKTAŞ, Tülin YILDIZ


10:30   How should nursing care be in traumatic brain injury?

             Sacide YILDIZELİ TOPÇU

11:00   The importance of immune response

             Aylin AYDIN SAYILAN


12:30   Closing the programme